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COVID POLICY: The Session has adopted a COVID care policy for the health and well being of the congregation that’s compliant with other business standards but involves everyone who might be in the church buildings rather than just employees of the church. Here are our standards and expectations. Not following these guidelines will result in you being asked not to attend in-person activities.

  1. When attending group meetings at the church, wear a mask (over your mouth and nose) and practice physical distancing.
  2. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID – do not attend any in-person functions at the church. (Fever, shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, coughing, etc. …)
  3. If you have been in direct contact with anyone who is positive for COVID, you will not be in any of the buildings of the church for a minimum of 14 days.
  4. If you have tested positive for COVID, a negative test is required before entering any church building.
  5. You will notify a church staff member or Session member if you were a participant in a group or present at the church and test positive for COVID so we can share (confidentially) with those who might have been exposed. 

The Gospel of Mark – Adult Spiritual Formation

Message Pastor Kerra or contact the church office for the Zoom link and access to the articles.

January 10 – Jesus as Teacher, Brian Blount

            Teaching by Example – Read Mark 2:1-3:6

            Teaching by Lecture – Read Mark 13

            Teaching through Parables – Read Mark 4

January 17 – Jesus as Teacher, Brian Blount (Sam Teaching)

            Engaging Hopelessness

            Crossing Boundaries

            Meeting Resistance

January 24 & 31 – Trauma in Mark’s Gospel (Sam Teaching)

February 7 – Masculinity in Mark’s Gospel, Using the work of Warren Carter

Read Mark 6 and 7 (Kerra Teaching)

February 14 – The Ending(s) of Mark’s Gospel (Kerra Teaching)

            Read Mark 16 – and alternate endings