Our Mission

Ashland Presbyterian Church’s Mission Statement

“Called to Love, Sent to Serve”

Here – stories of knowing God’s love and being called to love are encouraged and told.

Here – love is put into action – love of God, love of neighbor, and love for each other.

Here – people are foolish enough to believe that they can make a difference in this world so we do those things others say cannot be done!

Considering how we live out this mission, we have identified that…

  • We are a teaching and learning congregation. We show our love for God by always wanting to learn more! We love having seminarians as interns in our congregation. They learn about church leadership from us, and we eagerly learn from them as they build confidence in their pastoral skills. We host deep discussions during our Lenten speaker series on a variety of topics. Currently, we sponsor two annual retreats, the Ash Grove Women’s Retreat in the Fall, and the Step-By-Step retreat for leaders of small congregations in the Spring.
  • We are a caring congregation. There is a sense of belonging here. Names are known. Stories are told. And love is at the heart of what we do together. Jesus believed in the concept of deep friendship – and we do too.
  • We are a serving congregation. Out of gratitude for all God has done for us – we are a congregation that likes to “give back.” You will find Ashland Presbyterians are passionate about how they serve God’s world both inside the church and outside in their lives. We see our building itself as an opportunity to serve the needs of the recovery community in our area – even our property is called upon to serve God’s purposes.