International Outreach

Mission of Larry and Inge Sthreshley

sthreshleyAshland Presbyterian Church has long provided support to the work of mission coworkers Larry and Inge Sthreshley, in Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Larry is director of Project AXxes, a large rural health organization that impacts the health of eight million people and focuses on health outcomes (as opposed to building institutions).   His team of 50 AXxes personnel fights malaria, TB, AIDS, malnutrition, and childhood diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory infection.

Inge’s work focuses on agriculture, primary and secondary education, and health education. Currently, Inge is working to educate U.S. supporters on the kinds of assistance needed by the Presbyterian Church to expand and upgrade the educational opportunities for Congolese young people at the secondary level — opportunities that are often seriously lacking, especially for young women.

News from the Congo

Mission of Ruth Brown

ruthRuth Brown, who entered the Presbyterian mission field in the Democratic Republic of the Congo several years ago, brought 25 years of U.S. public health experience to her new post.  In her position as a developmental specialist with a focus on food security issues, she works with communities to address the root causes of hunger, poor nutrition and poor health.  Nutrition education is an important part of her work.