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Bearing in mind our mission, that we are Called to Love, and Sent to Serve AND considering the uptick in COVID cases related to the delta variant, the Session has set the following guidelines for Fall worship, Sunday School, and other in-church gatherings.

Recognizing the needs for both safety and community we will offer two worship options:

Online Worship – We will continue to have online worship at 10 a.m. on Facebook Live, with the recordings saved and playable afterward. Austin will continue to play the organ for this service, and communion will happen at this service only until it becomes safer to unmask in person. (Still first Sundays of the month)

In-person Worship – We will have in-person worship in the Sanctuary at 11 a.m. Masks are REQUIRED for all regardless of vaccination status, and social distancing is strongly suggested. There will be no congregational singing in the interest of safety, and other musical options will be introduced slowly. Please let Kerra and Karla know if you are interested in sharing a musical offering. This service will share most elements in common with online worship, therefore it will not be recorded.

Educational Opportunities:

Sunday School for Adults – Plans are currently being made for classes for adult Sunday School. We will need to consider times and offerings that could be either on Zoom or in-person, given that our Sunday morning schedule now includes two worship opportunities. Look to the September calendar for more information.

Sunday School for Children – Until children under the age of 12 are eligible for the vaccine, we will not be offering in-person options for children’s Sunday School.

Expectations for gatherings in the church buildings:

Masking Requirement – We will be requiring masks for ALL people meeting in ALL groups at the church – including AA groups, choir, classes, weddings, memorial services, etc. Knowing that transmission of the delta variant can happen even through contact with those who are vaccinated, we are planning to keep all our members, visitors, and groups that meet at the church as safe as possible.

If you have not yet been vaccinated, please consider doing so. It not only protects you from the most severe effects of getting COVID, but it also provides considerable protection for the community around you, the community we are called to love, and in Ashland, are sent to serve. If you show any symptoms that could be COVID related, fever, cough, fatigue – stay at home. We will be continuing to develop ways of relating through online offerings of worship, prayer, and connection, as we reintroduce in-person options.

Should you have any questions about these decisions, please contact Pastor Kerra, or a member of Session.