Each Sunday, we gather to worship as one body.

As the sanctuary candles are lighted . . .

As we confess our human limitations and are assured of God’s love…

As we hear the holy word in scripture

and the inspired word proclaimed…

As we sing praises, pray, and sometimes lament…

As we offer our gifts of time, talent, and treasure

for the maintenance of God’s plan here on earth…

We remember that, together and in God, we are all one.

The feel of our worship service has been described as traditional but not stuffy!

We follow a TRADITIONAL order of worship:

Gathering around God’s Word (Preparing our hearts for worship)

Hearing God’s Word (Reading and interpreting scripture for today)

Responding to God’s Word (Affirming our faith, praying for our world, and celebrating the sacraments)

and being Sent to Be God’s Word in the World. (Having come to worship to be renewed, we send people out to become God’s Word in their 24/7 lives)

But we are not STUFFY!

We welcome the unpredictable and expect to notice Christ in our midst

no matter what clothes or whose body he may be in.

How you clothe yourself for the world isn’t what’s important to us –

It’s being clothed by Christ, where all of us become one in Christ Jesus.                                                                                           (Galatians 3:27-29)

So, if you are ready to love and be loved by a congregation

that values friendship over formality,

and kindness over correctness, this may be your place.