Welcome to

Ashland Presbyterian Church

Our church has just joyously celebrated its 140th anniversary, marking its presence in the Ashland spiritual community since 1871.

Our warm and handsome sanctuary has seen thousands of Sunday services rich in worship, instruction, love and praise. It has seen weddings . . . it has seen memorial services and funerals . . . and it has seen celebrations religious and historic. We look at our past with grateful hearts.

But what we find most remarkable is that our church is alive and relevant in today’s world. In this website you will see a wealth of activities we are conducting not just around ourselves, but in the community and the world.

When we look at the touch points for our church today we invite you to join us as –

 We care deeply for each other.
We are members of a church family.

 We focus with our hearts and minds
on spiritual growth.

 We pray — as individuals,
in our session (our governing body),

and as a congregation, to continue to find ways to reach out into our Ashland community to live out Christ’s message of love and service.

All persons are welcome here – persons from different backgrounds and of all ages, single or married, with or without children.

We hope that you will join us as we continue to make history in faith through action.